Conference and Project Success

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The conference in November was a great success, with speakers from Wales,the UK and two from Cornell University, New York State (some of the speakers and delegates above). See previous post for the programme. The exhibition continues at Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm until late spring. We are planning for three further exhibitions, in 2018 at the Bristol and Bath Nature Fair and along the Heart of Wales Line, and what seems a long time into the future 2020 at the Mann Library and The Pollinator Garden, Cornell University.

The funding for the project has now ended and we would like to thank the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Arts Council of Wales for their generous funding and for the equally generous match funding The University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Aberystwyth University, The National Botanic Garden of Wales, The Heart of Wales Line Bee Line Garden project, and Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm.

tyra's bees

Bumblebees in recycled glass by Tyra Oseng- Rees. For photographs of the exhibitions please click on – photographs of exhibition sm

Below is a list of all the things achieved in the project -stay in touch for further developments-

  • Through introductory days established 15 Art/Science partnerships to collaborate to produce high quality art works
  • Produced WordPress Blog/website
  • Involved an environmental linguist from University of Birmingham to explore communication and language
  • Two artists attended bumblebee identification days with the Welsh Representative of the Bumblebee Conservation Society.
  • Involved an Economic Valuation expert from Aberystwyth University to explore possible applications of the project and in particular environmental policy-making
  • Held a series on online Art Crits to explore language and perceptions and to review progress with art works.
  • One further artist attended bumblebee identification days with the Welsh Representative of the Bumblebee Conservation Society.
  • Held steering group meetings to ensure work was progressing as required
  • Gave lectures at 3 University venues (one at University of Plymouth ‘Saving the Bees Conference’, January 2017).
  • Held a two day Art Crit at the NBGW during the installation of the exhibition at the NBGW
  • Working with Sarah Tombs (co-leader of the project) 2 students and one graduate worked as artists in residence (talking with visitors) over the Easter 2017 producing artworks for the Pollinator Trail.
  • Large exhibition of 15 series of works at the National Botanic Garden of Wales from 7th July 2017 to 30th August 2017, at Oriel Yr Ardd and across the garden.
  • Produced 30cm square, full colour, perfect bound catalogue in Welsh and English IMG_1102                                                          Click here for  CROSS-POLLINATION Catalogue 
  • Produced printed colour map/guides for two exhibitions, NBGW and Bug Farm.
  • Five tours of the exhibition through July and August, one with an artist guide, one with the NBGW’ Head of Interpretation and 3 with a scientist from Bristol University on secondment to the NBGW and a participant in the project. Total attendance 58 people.
  • Two tours followed by practical (Sculpture) workshops held in July at the NBGW for young people with learning difficulties
  • Assisted in the proposal for funding a Pollinator trail through St Davids (which was successful) following work produced at Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm,
  • Visit to Cornell University (funded by AHRC) by two artists for one week in August, to arrange further development of art works and suggest future exhibition
  • A series of practical art workshops during Autumn half-term at Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm for family groups producing cyanotypes. Twenty family groups in total.
  • Two day conference 10th and 11th November at UWTSD Swansea and Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm attended by 80 plus delegates with 19 speakers from the UK and USA and 2 workshop/events. (Funded through AHRC)
  • Opening 11th November 2017 of second venue of Cross-pollination exhibition at Dr Beynon’s Bug farm to coincide with 2nd day of conference, with Private View, artist’s talks, tour and optional ‘pollinator feast’.
  • Exhibition at the Bug Farm is running until Spring 2018
  • 21st -30th November two further artists visited Cornell University, USA to produce further works and arrange exhibition (funded through AHRC)
  • November 2017 Catrin Webster, artist in residence at Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm

Future events

  • Easter 2020 Exhibition at Cornell University, arranged.
  • Exhibition and stall at Bristol and Bath Nature Fair June 2018, arrangements in hand
  • Summer 2018 exhibition on the Heart of Wales Line to coincide with 150th Anniversary celebrations, artists Andrea Liggins and Paul Jeff.
  • Completion of video for YouTube and lectures/presentations.


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