Every Last Mouthful


Guest Artists -Pamela Martin and Peter Chatwin

Reflecting upon our previous art/science research and visual art exhibition ‘Every third mouthful…’ where we identified the need to reverse the decline of solitary bee pollinators, it has become clear that the problem in sustaining our food supply remains urgent, and is directly linked to continuing loss of habitat and indiscriminate use of pesticides leading to pollinator decline on a global scale.

Our artistic response is to produce, for exhibition, Every Last Mouthful, a contemporary illuminated manuscript which amalgamates handwritten script with drawing and print. Not only does it record our 15 year collaborative involvement with three leading entomologists specialising in bees and pollination on three continents, but also identifies innovative present day solutions to species decline that, if instigated, will safeguard our future food supply.

In collaboration and conversation with leading protagonists: entomologists, conservationists, scientists, economists, ecologists, social commentators, historians – activists all – we are hell-bent on finding solutions that provide answers and drive change in the face of total inertia from the international social and political community.

Manuscript Pages 1