Collaboration 7 – The Bee Line

Artist – Andrea Liggins

Supporting Artist – Alex Roberts

Stakeholder -Gill Wright, Heart of Wales Line (Arriva Trains)

IMG_7253sqpol The heart of Wales Line runs for 120 miles with 30 stations. An initiative coordinated  by Gill Wright and others, with a host of volunteers, aims to create bee friendly gardens at each station. In becoming involved in the Cross-pollination project many ideas were discussed with Gill, with contributions from artists and scientists. As a result the initiative will be named the Bee Line and will promote the plight of pollinators to all the tourists and travelers on the trains. Each station will have an ‘adopted’ bee; honey, bumble or solitary and supporting artist Alex Roberts will be illustrating each selected bee. A logo has been designed and posters and the illustrations will be shown at each station.

At the same time Andrea Liggins will be photographing the volunteers and the gardens. The first portrait (above) is of volunteers at the picturesque Llanwrtyd Wells, renowned for its Horse V Man race and the bog-snorkelling competitions.

IMG_7260pol  IMG_7308pol

18624500_10213187632105866_218772149_nIllustration by Alex Roberts